Lieve Vereycken

I hold coins, not for a Tesla

Tesla bought bitcoins, and it is announced: you will be able to buy Tesla with bitcoins.Do you have them? I haven’t. While my eyeballs are on money system innovation since 1999, the Bitcoin train has left the station without me. And that still feels okay. Our FIAT money system will get complimented with new ones […]

Showcasing technical issues for our digital life

You want to learn more about another challenge for our digital life? Register for the on-line webinar about the potential of a cyber pandemic. click for more information and registration Our digital life has many wicked problems. The cyber pandemic is just one threat. Wicked problems ask for wicked solutions. Dealing with it is the […]

Trump is banned. So What?

Is it up to Twitter, Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple to ban the voice of Trump? The discussion is going on, and that’s a good thing. But a real solution is not a feature of the Big Tech social media platforms. They have missed a design opportunity in the core of their code. Alt Ctrl […]

2021 Actions

What about you? Do you hear the same stories? All my favorite local shops’ have done good business in 2020. It seems that I am not the only one who loves their passion for products and people. It pays off; it makes me hopeful. While the chat goes on, they tell me about their (first) […]

2020 is coming to an end

I hope you will take the time to dream your best dreams for 2021 and beyond.We need them. More renewed organizational power is coming available and it is up to us to use it. What happened in 2020, for example, in the Threefold ecosystem? More blockchain projects are choosing the Threefold Grid to host their […]

Radical collaboration for designing the new normal

In a few days, the MyData conference will start. The title of the conference is: radical collaboration for designing the new normal. Check the program out here. I will check-in, will you? MyData Global’s mission is to empower individuals to self-determination regarding their data. It is an idea worth spreading. The title of the conference […]

Corona can lead us to a golden age

I began the lockdown with a tribute to Lieven Gevaert as a personal quest, a name-giving mystery. Every single person in Flanders will have some connection with the institutions that were co-founded by him. He has been a real change-maker in a previous technological revolution. His story is part of cultural heritage, check out the […]

The internet is too power hungry

The planet can’t afford the internet as it is. It is too power-hungry. That’s one of the reasons Threefold started to innovate. Click and learn more Threefold Grid will use less energy. Why? First of all, the data don’t need so much duplication. Every organizing party (with the individual as the smallest one) will get […]

Innovation in Payment – again, the Digital Euro is coming.

Innovation! Change!No cash payments, no queuing anymore.Salaries will get paid by cheques and withdrawals.The bank offices are coming to your town. Once again, Gevaert’s company was a driving force for innovation in our region (1). They started to use banks to pay their workers early on, and the picture above became an image for cultural […]

Know how things work and create (it is not that difficult)

In the book, The Internet Is Broken, Marleen Stikker does a call upon all of us. She asks to check out how things work, learn about technology, and co-create it (not just consume). She gave me a deeper understanding of the story of Fab Lab’s around the world (*). I knew the concept, but it […]