Lieve Vereycken

Tuesday Post is a promise to myself

This Co:Inpetto website on WordPress is in the air since 2012 and served. My goal was to reach out to people and start-up initiatives and take the opportunity to make a well designed digital infrastructure broadly available – together.

Now it is time to gear up and get more co-designers on board. Interesting value propositions are becoming available thanks to and It’s time to get them shared and start crafting for multi fold profits. Therefore I make a promise to myself: I publish a (two) weekly post on Tuesday.

Why ?
I love to sharpen the idea that there is a high road towards our next level of prosperity and co-design use cases. Tuesday Posts will keep me digging in the opportunities of well designed data- and token economics. And perhaps I will get the permission to share Tuesday Posts and contribute.

Because only shared ideas will win.
Jump in as a potential co-designer when your time is right. Every single person and organization has a different sweet spot. So – start close in.

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