Lieve Vereycken

My Story

I am an economist by education.  Working in a people-oriented field was my dream.  And I was lucky.
A reputed recruitment cabinet with a specialization in financial positions hired me. Some years later, I was a manager in a world-leading temp business organization. Being part of the corporate world was an excellent experience, but not my destination.

In 1999, the internet showed up in the business world, and I started recruiting for niched business consulting companies and IT departments. I loved it. I learned a lot about IT, thanks to clients and candidates’ passionate stories, and by building with a team our own digitized back office. Listening, capturing needs in a multisided market, and database marketing worked well.  But just for a while, a fork was on the road (check out #1).

Digital privacy and complementary money systems were an opportunity to engage people and design for better prosperity. That is what I knew (check out #2) .
The appropriate digital infrastructure to deal with personal data was not available yet. It needed to be co-created. The glorification of Big Tech was not an option.

The financial crisis in 2008, my learnings about open innovation, business models, and technology let me choose to find the others (check out #3). Today, I am connected to Weconomics Foundations, MyData, Threefold Foundations, and other co-design-oriented organizations and projects. Contributing to the anchoring of sustainable prosperity is my mission. Actionable hope for all is what I want.

Lieve Vereycken (check out #4)

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#1 Since 1999

Co-Inpetto started as a recruitment cabinet for IT professionals and business consultants. Now it is a platform for co-design.

#2 The Future of Money

The book ‘The Future of Money’ written by Bernard Lietaer changed my world view. 
I read it in 2001.  It opened new possibilities to tackle contemporary problems.

#3 Publications

I contributed to the collaborative writing process for the book New Business Models. Every two weeks I write and share a Tuesday Post, subscribe at Co-Inpetto.

#4 Full CV

Contact me and ask for full CV
Phone number: +32 472 29 15 34

I am called after Lieven Gevaert.
He lived, like us, during transitioning. Click here to read a letter that I have written for him (Dutch only)