Lieve Vereycken

Paul Hawken was invited in Belgium by Econopolis. He talked about his project Drawdown. Drawdown is a platform that invites you to act on climate change.

Did you realize the internet cloud has a dirty secret? Thanks to decades of development and investements, autonomous IT of Threefold brings a far more sustainable solution. Click here and dive deeper in the comparisons.

Become a Love Warrior
A 3Bot for every single person will live on the Threefold Grid. Check out the brand new website of 3bot . I especially love the idea of Love Warriors.

Love Warriors believe that we need change now.

They act.
They are relentless.

Threefold IEO Information
The Threefold technology stack is probably the best-kept secret of the internet. It has had a long history. Read the interview with Kristof De Spiegeleer – we need a new internet which is not owned by a few and check out the IEO presentation to learn more. 

You serve the Threefold Project if you sign up for the IEO (initial exchange offer) before the official launch at the end of January >>>.  Thanks in advance, 1000 registrations before the launch in January is the aim.

Save the date
Threefold Network will bring change for good and we will co-create it. Time for  celebration and making plans. We will come together on Monday evening, the 20th of January. It is before the IEO launch date, there will be time for questions.

You are brilliant and the earth is hiring.