Lieve Vereycken

We take the infrastructure for the flow of water, electricity, and gas for granted. It’s available, practical, and safe.
The data infrastructure is the following. This collaborative endeavor is achieving new momentum, below some recordings of conversations of the last month.

Soshana Zuboff meets Margrethe Verstager: a converstation about a future digital Europe

Shoshana Zuboff is the author of the book ‘Surveillance Capitalism’. Margrethe Verstager is the Executive Vice President of the European Commission for A Europe Fit for the Digital Age and European Commissioner for Competition.

Building a European Data Infrastructure at Forum Europe

Kristof De Spiegeleer, founder and CEO of Threefold, was invited to join the conversation on ‘Building a Europe Data Infrastructure’ at Forum Europe.

 An appropriate digital infrastructure will be one of the foundations for our next level of prosperity. It will be green.  Learning, teaming up and acting on all levels, is what we can do. I have never signed an Avaaz Campaign with so much convinction as I did for “The Letter for a Green Recovery” (click on the picture below). Have you signed?