Lieve Vereycken

Stay Home. Stay Safe.

The picture above is the First Skyscraper of London.
It was purpose built: a hierarchy of office functions to keep the Underground running needed its place.
This building is sold in 2019 – yes – just one year ago.

Covid 19 brought with brute force the reality of:  The Home Office for All of Us.

We Keep on Working.

From home.
We rely on digital infrastructure, which is not ready yet.
But we keep on working.

The collaborative innovation effort for the World First Metro System is a beautiful story.
We make our own one.

Co-Inpetto Farm is an opportunity to invest and learn.
We will connect hardware to the Threefold Grid.

You learn about digital wallets and digital token in new business models while doing.
And I hope you will apply these learnings in your field of work.

The deepest pockets aren’t needed.
The eagerness to learn, to make a positive impact, and to anchor sustainable prosperity is.

The Business Model Template (BMT) is used as a tool for communication about the project.
Leave your contact details, recieve the BMT for Co-Inpetto Farm and check it out.
You are invited to join the project.

Reality is a product of our dreams, decisions and actions.