Lieve Vereycken

I began the lockdown with a tribute to Lieven Gevaert as a personal quest, a name-giving mystery.

Every single person in Flanders will have some connection with the institutions that were co-founded by him. He has been a real change-maker in a previous technological revolution. His story is part of cultural heritage, check out the film about his life  here.

I love the boldness of this man, a man with deep-rooted values.
Now it is our turn.

Corona will trigger us to do the work and move forward.
That is the premise of Carlota Perez, and that is what I want to believe (read her article in De Tijd here).
The video below explains her idea in short:

A new general purpose infrastructure is emering. It is the assembly line of data and it will run on the Threefold Grid. We won’t need to go to the factories anymore to handle administration. Devices which make information out of the raw material of our data are everywhere. It is restructuring our lives and culture. Again.

Create a clear contemporary perspective by following the podcasts of Paul Bessems, founder of the Weconomics Foundations (click the picture below). Co-design your very own sweet spot.

Click and go to Podcast "Duurzaam welvaart organiseren"

As you let your own light shine, you indirectly give others permission to do the same.

Map your way in the innovation space of the emerging decentralized internet and anchor sustainable prosperity.

Be part of a Threefold Farming opportunity and learn about the new transaction possibilities while using them.