Lieve Vereycken

In a few days, the MyData conference will start.
The title of the conference is: radical collaboration for designing the new normal. Check the program out here.
I will check-in, will you?

MyData Global’s mission is to empower individuals to self-determination regarding their data.
It is an idea worth spreading.


The title of the conference reminds me of the book Radical Collaboration (RC). The lead author is James W. Tamm, a former judge and an expert on dispute resolution and building collaborative relationships.

The five essential skills for radical collaboration are:

  1. Collaborative Intention: stay non-defensive and commit to mutual success in relationships.

  2. Openness: be open yourself and create a climate of openness where people feel safe enough to raise difficult issues.

  3. Self-Accountability: take responsibility for the choices you make and for the intended and unintended consequences of those choices.

  4. Self-Awareness and Awareness of others: commit to knowing yourself and others well enough to explore and resolve difficult interpersonal issues.

  5. Problem solving and negotiating: skillfully negotiate your way through inevitable conflicts in a way that supports rather than undermines the relationship.

The Belgian woman, Malou Laureys, works closely with the authors of the book and co-conduct RC workshops. I do recommend them. We can’t be skilled enough in collaborating.

Organizations need to thrive in a society with its economic rules. Does it make radical collaboration towards alls stakeholders involved naïve? Not at all, but first, we have to use collaborative skills to adapt to new organisational possibilities. MyData principles, the smart contract for IT, and digital tokens will serve.  

Map your way in the innovation space of the emerging decentralized internet and anchor sustainable prosperity.

Be part of a Threefold Farming opportunity and learn about the new transaction possibilities while using them.

(soft skills)
... let's uncomfortably call them real skills instead. Real because they work, because they are at the heart of what we need today.