Lieve Vereycken

Tesla bought bitcoins, and it is announced: you will be able to buy Tesla with bitcoins.
Do you have them? I haven’t. While my eyeballs are on money system innovation since 1999, the Bitcoin train has left the station without me. And that still feels okay.

Our FIAT money system will get complimented with new ones to get sustainable prosperity organized. That’s not new thinking at all. Digitization and blockchain are accelerating innovation. The stakes are high.  Money design affects all of us. Co-design for the better is possible. But we need to have our priorities right.

The appropriate digital infrastructure to deliver internet- and banking services for every single person on earth is NOT available yet. And as long as this is the case, we will exclude people from partaking in our next level of prosperity. That’s not the way to go. Therefore is Threefold on the mission.

A Threefold token is a means of exchange for all parties involved.

The reference price for the Threefold token is the service you can buy with it, namely compute-, storage- and network capacity.  Are services like AWS of Amazon, Azure Services of Microsoft, or Google Cloud and alike available in a market? What service do they deliver for what price? (1)

At this moment, you can go to exchanges like BTC-Alpha and Liquid for buying.
The token needs more straightforward swapping mechanisms than these exchanges are offering. They are coming soon. Threefold token is a utility token, it runs on the Stellar Network (2).

Get (y)our economics right.  But don’t buy Threefold tokens just to make money. Buy them if you want to learn, gain experience and contribute to the mission (3). (Y)our hands, heart(s) and brains are needed.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

(1) Threefold Grid is designed to become much cheaper than the big tech players. As a consequence, digital services can get available for every single person.

It will be very competitive because it is a far lower need for electricity to run the operations (good for nature). The other reason for the competitive price is that labor costs to run a data center will become (nearly) zero (good for security).

(2) The network which central banks are also looking at for digitized FIAT money (= CBDC, Central Bank Digital Currency).

(3) If you are like me, you hate the digital tools to get things done. Call me if you need some assistance, my number is 0032 472 29 15 34. I want you to persist if you’re going to buy Threefold tokens now.