Lieve Vereycken

The next generations will love us because of the actions we take now (1).
Fortunately, we don’t need to be a Lieven-Gevaert-like-hero (3). For the green and digital revolution, we will make a change – together.

Digital rights will protect freedom and creative entrepreneurship for every single person. Legislators are with us.
The GDPR get complimented by the DGA (data governance act). Click here and learn more about the European Data Governance Act from a data sovereignty perspective.

Data sovereignty is the gift we have for the next generations. Threefold Grid enables it; read here how.

Give feedback on the business model of Co-Inpetto Farm. Send an e-mail to, ask for access and consider to join when the time is right. With Co-Inpetto Farm, we contribute to the roll-out of the Threefold Grid.  Let’s team-up. This invitation is only for dreamers who do.


(1) While every family member of mine plants oaks in their garden to honor our family roots (2), I didn’t know that the acorn symbolizes long-term thinking. I learned it from the book, The Good Ancestor. It uses the acorn as a symbol for its message. 

(2) Our name Vereycken has derived from ‘four oaks’ (vier eiken in Dutch)

(3) My first name is Lieve (as you already know, I am called after Lieven Gevaert)