Lieve Vereycken

ThreeFold is the engine for a planet-positive and data-sovereign internet. It brings together with partners the building blocks for internet 4.O.  Whatever your starting point is to make your operations greener, this digital infrastructure will serve you.


First, the Threefold Grid is power efficiënt.

Threefold use less energy than traditional cloud solutions thanks to its operating system Zero OS. It manages workloads with less duplication and makes better use of hardware. Hardware needs to work less for the same output (1).

Traditional cloud uses big data centers. The hardware stands together to maintain it efficiently. Thanks to technological innovation, the Threefold cloud is maintained autonomously. This innovation makes it possible to put hardware for the Threefold cloud nearly everywhere.

The big and power-hungry data centers aren’t needed anymore. The hardware of the Threefold grid is distributed. In the business model of the Threefold cloud, hardware is farmer-owned.

Secondly, Farmer-owned Threefold Grid creates conditions for the optimal energy solution.

A farmer-owned Threefold Grid will always bring a better energy solution for the whole than a top-down one. Threefold Farmers provide the energy for the Threefold Grid. They have to deal with it on the right level, namely locally. 

A one-size-fits-all approach for renewables, for example, doesn’t exist. Local-based communities have to make their business case. 

Thirdly, new organizational tools are coming available for all of us.

To let the business model of Threefold work, digital twins for things and people, a smart contract for IT, and tokens are necessary features. These features are part of internet 4.0 that brings Threefold with partners alive. These features will help us clean up many more production- and consumption processes.

People are at the center of digital life (not some companies or some governments). Technically spoken, people store data in their own digital twins to perform tasks, communicate, consume and do transactions. There is no need for endless data copying; connecting with the digital twin is enough to process data. (2)

Functionally the digital twin empowers people and organizations in new business models.

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

The digital twin gives us data sovereignty, which is the condition for creative entrepreneurs and citizenship for the digital age. Of course, we will use it for the better, and we want to run them on green infrastructure.

(1) Check out the Threefold Wiki page Saving energy here.
(2) Check out Energy savings thanks to Digital Twins here.