Lieve Vereycken

In 1999, the internet got introduced in the business world, and  Co-Inpetto started as a recruitment cabinet for IT professionals and business consultants. At its core, the recruitment business is an exchange of personal data between parties.

Soon, a fork came in the road.

Despite privacy laws, personal data got copied everywhere, without consent. Personal data became available at low cost. A myriad of intermediaries popped up, while for the actual stakeholders, the business models weren’t serving at all.

I know the feeling of despair. The root cause of the problem at hand even began to destroy societal values. Big Tech just accelerated an existing pattern while we could do far better.

But I have witnessed the true power of active hope (1) also. Change happens in connection.
Open sharing, creativity without law, has been the strategy to get the innovation space of internet 4.0 ready. With internet 4.0, new tools are at your disposal to anchor sustainable prosperity.

What’s next? How will it serve your purpose?

Co-Inpetto Farm contributes to the rollout of the internet 4.0 with decentralization of income and collaborative learning opportunities. Therefore is Co-Inpetto Farm meant for mission-led communities.

Members will get stronger thanks to the token economics while learning about the features of Internet 4.0. They will use profits in their projects to create sustainable prosperity.

We have nine years to act.

Many thanks for reading Tuesday Post. Tuesday Post is part of an ongoing practice to keep imagination alive. But today, I doubt sending it out. It is a national day of mourning the victims of the severe weather in recent days. My thoughts are with them.

We think of building apps as an engineering challenge. It's not. Revivifying ecosystems, protecting ice sheets, hitting no carbon at all - those are today's real engineering challenges.