Lieve Vereycken

With Threefold’s digital twin,
data compliance will become manageable and user-friendly. And at the
same time, it opens up opportunities for new business modeling. 

Who won’t redesign processes and business models from the digital twin perspective? (I know the answer: no-one)

Everyone wants to make a positive impact. It’s a human need.
The time to lock up good intentions, talent, and creativity for sub-optimal value creation is over.

Time to reflect on your business model?
Jan Jonker offers his latest book ‘Organizing for Sustainability, A Guide
to Developing New Business Models’ in open access format. I am fan.

Download the book – here.
The book is supported by a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) by the authors, follow for free as off September 1st 2021.

I have had the honor to be part of a previous co-writing process of
professor Jan Jonker on new business models. It was an enriching

A shared digital infrastructure with actionable ‘own your
own data principles’ needed a new business model. It is a result of
people working together to honor dear values and principles. It is
rolling out.

Co-designing as many sweet spots as possible thanks
to this new societal core infrastructure is the next journey. Jump in,
harvest the multi profits.