Lieve Vereycken

The Tube in London is a beautiful collaborative innovation project.
It applied the new techniques of the industrial revolution and had a big societal positive impact, it got its followers worldwide.

London is The Underground, and The Underground is London.
It became the biggest employer with a trade union that took up negotiating the distribution of income. Consumption followed, and the industrial revolution’s social contract got more of its ongoing fuel.

What’s next?
How will the social contract get its update? The internet 4.O has the potential to become a global core infrastructure. It brings the flow of (personal) data and different kinds of digital tokens into the equation.

Formats for work, health, child care, mobility, housing, and education are getting their updates. And challenges such as climate change and aging are on the agenda. We have no choice but to co-shape (or we get shaped).

The phase to consider misuse ànd missed use will drive collaborative innovation in all domains of life. Legal frameworks to form new coalitions for data sharing are upcoming with the Data Governance Act, the Digital Market Act, the Digital Services Act, and the Data Act.

For example, for health, data sharing is a game-changer with shared benefits. The issues that people need to decide on:
– How will the organization of health get more effective?
– Who are the parties involved? How will data exchange happen?
– Who is the owner of the data?
– How will privacy be organized?
– How do the algorithms work? Do they make sense?

Many voices need to be heard, new organizational thinking and doing is required.
Therefore offers Weconomics Foundations for the 6th time with its Certified Learning program (1). Check it out here (Dutch only).

As a follower of these posts, you know that Threefold is rolling out essential building blocks for the internet 4.O. The picture below shows how Threefold is positioned compared to other decentralized internet infrastructure projects (2).

The following questions will occur if we build new coalitions for data exchange between parties (with individuals as the smallest part).
– Who will own the infrastructure for collaboration? With Threefold, the coalition will.
– Who will decide which algorithms (e.g., Dapps) to deploy? With Threefold, people appointed by the coalition will give the final go for deployment with the internet contract (or smart contract for IT).

More options are opening up to shape the good life. It is unnecessary to lock up the imagination and repair our existing social contract only with an ongoing tug-of-war game to redistribute fiat money because we can do better.

Opportunities to co-design are accessible for everyone.
Contact me if you want to discuss your potential starting point or next step. Perhaps it is the learning opportunity of Weconomics Foundations or the acquisition of Threefold tokens.

(1) For the first time the Experience Lab in Eindhoven will be used.
(2) The message of the picture in this post isn’t reflected in the threefold token price yet. Contact me if you want help with buying Threefold tokens